Service Providers

Obtain A 498 ID

A 498 ID (also known as SPIN) is required for all service providers that want to participate in any of the four universal service programs and for all Schools and Libraries Program applicants who have elected to use the BEAR invoicing method and receive payment directly from USAC.

Service Providers

To participate in a universal service program, service providers must first determine if they are eligible for the particular program of interest. After determining eligibility, the service provider may obtain a 498 ID. Your company is assigned a 498 ID after completing and submitting an FCC Form 498 to USAC.

The FCC Form 498 is used to collect remittance, payment, and contact information for service providers that receive support from any of the universal service programs. This information helps USAC determine whether service providers are eligible to receive program disbursements. The FCC Form 498 allows service providers to use the same information for one or more of the programs or different information for each program if needed.

Service providers participating in a universal service program must use the most current FCC Form 498 to obtain a new 498 ID or to revise information on an existing 498 ID.

The official FCC instructions for completing FCC Form 498 are available on the Forms page for service providers.

Schools and Libraries Program Applicants

To receive payments directly from USAC, Schools and Libraries Program applicants may fill out and submit the FCC Form 498 to receive a 498 ID and to report reimbursement amounts.