Rural Health Care

Step 5 Funding Commitment Letter

When USAC has approved a request for service support, the FCC Form 466-A (Internet Service Funding Request and Certification Form), and associated attachments, USAC will send the Project Coordinator and the vendor a Funding Commitment Letter (FCL).

The FCL indicates that the project is eligible for the support specified in the letter contingent upon submitting an FCC Form 467 (Connection Certification Form). View a sample Funding Commitment Letter.

Funding Commitment Letter Contents

The FCL includes the following information:

  • Health care provider (HCP) number, a unique five-digit code assigned to each pilot project;
  • HCP contact name (person designated as the project coordinator);
  • HCP name and address of the project location supported;
  • 498 ID (formerly known as SPIN);
  • Vendor name;
  • Funding year;
  • Copy of approved Network Cost Worksheet (NCW);
  • List of sites where service is being provided;
  • Type of service agreement (e.g., contract, tariff);
  • Eligible support start date: first date the project can receive support based on the FCC Form 465 (description of services requested and certification form);
  • Support end date, last day service is eligible for support during the funding year;
  • Estimated months of support;
  • Non-recurring support amount;
  • Monthly recurring support amount;
  • Estimated total support amount;
  • Funding request number, a unique five-digit code assigned by USAC for each project, vendor, and service combination; and
  • Approved Network Cost Worksheet items.

What to Do When You Receive the FCL

Vendors should validate the 498 ID on the FCL. This ensures that future support provided by the vendor is credited to the correct 498 ID. If the 498 ID is incorrect, please contact the Rural Health Care Pilot Program at (800) 453-1546.

HCP support can only be provided after the vendor receives the Support Acknowledgment Letter from USAC.