Rural Health Care

Step 3 Bids for Service

After USAC posts an RHC Pilot Program project's FCC Form 465 (Description of Services Requested & Certification Form) and associated supporting information, all vendors may view the information and provide bids.

The open competitive bidding process is a minimum of 28 days from the date USAC posts an FCC Form 465 on the USAC website. During this minimum 28-day window, vendors may contact the Project Coordinator (or alternate point of contact (POC), if specified) to submit a bid for their service needs. RHC Pilot Program participants must evaluate all bids and select the most cost-effective service or facility provider available. In selecting the most cost-effective bid, in addition to price, the FCC's 2007 Rural Health Care Pilot Program Selection Order requires participants to consider non-cost evaluation factors that include prior experience, including past performance; personnel qualifications, including technical excellence; management capability, including solicitation compliance; and environmental objectives (if appropriate).

Additional discussion of the cost effective standard can be found in paragraphs 78 to 79 of the 2007 Rural Health Care Pilot Program Selection Order. Project Coordinators may conduct bidding rounds that exceed 28 days and may have multiple rounds of selection.

Vendors can search for requests for services on the RHC Pilot Program Search Posted Services page.

Note: Vendors or service providers participating in the competitive bid process are prohibited from assisting with or filling out a selected participants' service request (e.g., FCC Form 465 and related materials).