Rural Health Care

Process Overview

Below are the steps for vendors to navigate the Rural Health Care Pilot Program.

Step 1: Eligibility
The first step will help you become eligible to participate in the Rural Health Care Pilot Program as a vendor.

Step 2: Search Service Requests (Online Search)
The second step will show you where to find service requests posted for competitive bidding.

Step 3: Bids for Service
The third step will explain the competitive bidding process.

Step 4: Sign a Contract
The fourth step will help you with contract and certification requirements.

Step 5: Funding Commitment Letter
The fifth step details the information found on the Funding Commitment Letter.

Step 6: Support Acknowledgment Letter
The sixth step explains the role of FCC Form 467 and the Support Acknowledgment Letter in the administrative process.

Step 7: Invoicing
The seventh step explains the invoicing process.