Rural Health Care


The Pilot Program is closed to new project applicants; however, eligible health care providers (HCPs) can still join existing projects. HCPs interested in joining a project can search the list of selected participants.

Health care providers must be public or non-profit health care providers of the types listed below:
  • Post-secondary educational institutions offering health care instruction, such as teaching hospitals and medical schools,
  • Community health centers or health centers providing health care to migrants,
  • Local health departments or agencies,
  • Community mental health centers,
  • Not-for-profit hospitals,
  • Rural health clinics,
  • Consortia of HCPs consisting of one or more of the above entities,
  • Dedicated emergency departments of rural for-profit hospitals, and
  • Part-time eligible entities located in facilities that are ineligible.

Contact USAC's RHC Help Desk at (800) 453-1546 for assistance in determining your eligibility.

Examples of Non-Eligible HCPs

Non-eligible HCPs include any for-profit institutions (except as noted above) or any health care provider types not listed above. Examples of non-eligible facilities include:

  • Private physician offices or clinics,
  • Nursing homes or other long-term care facilities (e.g., assisted living facilities),
  • Residential substance abuse treatment facilities,
  • Hospices,
  • Emergency medical service facilities (e.g., rescue squads, ambulance services)
  • For-profit hospitals,
  • Home health agencies,
  • Blood banks,
  • Social service agencies, and
  • Community centers, vocational rehabilitation centers, youth centers.