Rural Health Care


In this section you will find everything you need to know about being a participant in the Rural Health Care Pilot Program. You'll find information about the following topics, which are instrumental to understand when navigating successfully through the Rural Health Care Pilot Program:

The Pilot Program is closed to new project applicants; however, eligible health care providers (HCPs) can still join existing projects.

Competitive Bidding
The RHC Pilot Program Selection Order requires the selected participants to conduct a competitive bidding process to select the most cost-effective vendor for design, evaluation, and deployment of the broadband network. 

Coordination with HHS
The FCC requires selected participants to coordinate the use of their health care networks with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Sustainability Planning
A primary goal of the Rural Health Care Pilot Program is to fund networks that demonstrate that they will be successful and sustainable in the long-term.

Annual Reporting
Pilot Program participants are required to submit an annual report to USAC.

This is an overview of important dates, deadlines, and reminders for the RHC Pilot Program.

Information Changes
This is an overview of how to notify RHC of changes in Pilot Program participant or vendor contact information.