Rural Health Care


FY2017 Annual Reporting Requirements

For Funding Year (FY) 2017, to supplement the information collected from forms filed by consortia, the FCC requires all RHC Program consortia to submit information to USAC about the telehealth applications used during the funding year. Additionally for FY2017, the FCC requires Pilot Program consortia to submit to USAC the number of competitive bids they received and the bid evaluation criteria and associated weighting they used.

How to Submit the FY2017 Annual Report Questionnaire
  1. Open the Pilot Program annual report template.
  2. In the “Telehealth Services” tab, review the telehealth applications in column A and use the dropdown menu in column B to select “Yes” for each telehealth application for which the consortium received funding in FY2017.
  3. If the consortium bid for services in FY2017, the consortium must also complete the “Competitive Bidding Information” tab. To complete the “Competitive Bidding Information” tab, enter the consortium number, RFP/application number, number of bidders, and weight in the designated cells, and select the evaluation criteria using the dropdowns in column F.
  4. Save the template with a file name that includes the consortium name and HCP number.
  5. Email the completed template to by September 30, 2018.

Pilot Program consortia that applied for HCF Program funding should use the HCF Program annual report template to submit their annual report information for the HCF Program.