Rural Health Care

Telecom Program Applicant Updates

The Rural Health Care (RHC) Program periodically deploys software updates to improve usability and functionality of My Portal, the RHC Program's online application management system.

These updates include features that will expedite the application review process and make form submission faster and easier. Many of the enhancements are based on feedback.

The following updates are applicable to Telecommunications Program account holders.

June 2017

FCC Form 465 Address Validation
The health care provider (HCP) address entered on the first tab of the FCC Form 465 will now be run through address validation software for standardization. If the system finds a potential match to the address entered, a pop-up will present this match. The applicant can choose to accept the proposed address, or keep the address that they have entered.

FCC Form 466 Urban Rate Search Link
A direct link to the "RHC Urban Rates Search" will now be included on the FCC Form 466. This will allow applicants to easily access urban rates that are posted on the USAC site.

Certification Update
Certification language has been updated to reflect current required certifications.

January 2017

Forms Enhancements live January 1, 2017
On January 1, 2017, the RHC Program Forms, which expired on December 31, 2016, will be replaced with new OMB-approved forms. These changes will be reflected in My Portal and you will notice minor changes. These new fields promote alignment between the programs, ensuring that the same data is collected, such as a new entry field for your organization’s website and enhanced document uploading capabilities.

These changes will apply to both FY2016 and FY2017 forms. If you started a form in calendar year 2016, the system will automatically pre-populate the new forms with your saved information on January 1, 2017, but you may have to enter additional information for new mandatory fields before submitting.

Please note that we continue to update forms instructions to better align the HCF and Telecom Programs, and will update instructions on both the Forms page on the USAC website and My Portal accordingly. Form instructions or PDF versions of forms that are generated in My Portal to enable applicants to view the data they have entered are for applicants’ reference only, and are not OMB-approved versions of application forms. Forms and instructions posted on the USAC website will be updated in early January to reflect the new forms.

Beginning January 1, 2017, applicants may only submit form data through the online interface and may not submit paper or PDF versions of paper forms. Telecom Program applicants requiring additional assistance with the transition to submission online can contact For additional information about specific forms updates for the Telecom and HCF Programs, see the 2017 forms enhancements list.

December 2016

New Pop-Up Message When the Filing Window is Closed
Applicants will see a pop-up message when creating an FCC Form 466 when the filing window is closed. This will explain why applicants are not able to submit the form until the next filing window opens.

New Text on Pop-Up Message when 'Recall' button is selected for an FCC Form 466
Applicants will see a pop-up when they select the 'Recall' button for a submitted FCC Form 466, so that they understand the ramifications of recalling the form.

There is currently a pop-up message that displays when an applicant selects "Recall" button on a submitted FCC Form 466. This text has been updated to include the information about the filing windows.

Modified Recall Function on an FCC Form 466 in Event of the Filing Window
In the event of the filing window, if an applicant recalls an FCC Form 466 and re-submits it, the form shall count towards the filing window and funding year in which it was re-submitted.

In addition, applicants shall be prevented from re-submitting a recalled draft form at any time the applicant is prevented from submitting an 'ordinary' (non-recalled) draft FCC Form 466, i.e. when the filing window is closed and after the end of the fund year.

Prevent Submission When the Filing Window is Closed
Applicants will be prevented from submitting a Form 466 when the filing window is closed. They will see a warning message, stating why they can only submit an FCC Form 466 when a filing window is open.

The applicant is allowed to create an FCC Form 466 but will not be allowed to submit it until the filing window opens.

Email Communication Update
All outgoing email messages related to an FCC Form 466 have been enhanced to include more detail in regards to the filing window changes.

May 2016

New Feature to Modify SPIN/498 ID on FCC Form 467
Applicants may modify the SPIN/498 ID for a funding request when submitting an FCC Form 467 without having to contact the RHC Help Desk. To modify a SPIN on an FCC Form 467, select the "Edit" button next to "Line 8: Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN/498 ID)" on the "Connection Information" tab, and then select the proper SPIN/498 ID. The applicant is required to upload supporting documentation and provide a short explanation for the change on the "Justification for changing SPIN/498 ID" line.

Enhancements to Evergreen Consideration
The "Service Information" tab of the FCC Form 466 has been enhanced to make it clearer to applicants when they are submitting a contract for evergreen endorsement. A new question has been added below Line 32 that states, "Are you submitting a new contract to be reviewed for Evergreen endorsement?" with "Yes" and "No" radio buttons. If the applicant selects "Yes," the applicant will be prompted to select "Select Contract Info" to upload the contract and provide a friendly name. If the applicant selects "No," they must certify that they understand the FCC Form 466 will be processed as non-evergreen or month-to-month, and select the "I Understand" button to continue.

Funding Request Number on PDF Version of FCC Form 466
The PDF version of the FCC Form 466 will now include the Funding Request Number (FRN) on the top right of the page, next to Block 1.

Updates to PDF Version of FCC Form 465 and FCC Form 467
The PDF versions of the FCC Forms 465 and 467 have been updated to match the most recent version of the form.

December 2015

FCC Form 498 (Formerly Known as SPIN) Term Change
A revised version of the FCC Form 498, Service Provider and Billed Entity Identification Number and General Contact Information Form, is now available. With this revision, the term "Service Provider Identification Number," or "SPIN," has changed to "498 ID." All instances of the term "SPIN" in My Portal have been replaced by "SPIN/498 ID." For further explanation of this term change, see the Changes to SPIN page.

Rural Areas Update
Some HCPs that were previously determined to be rural are now considered non-rural as a result of the FCC's Rural Areas List Order. For HCPs whose rurality status has changed, a warning message informing the applicant that the HCP is considered non-rural will display on the "My Forms" and "My Contracts" tabs. Applicants will also be restricted from submitting new FCC Forms 466 for FY2016. For additional information, see the rurality change page.

Email Communication Update
All outgoing email messages have been enhanced to include more detail, improved instructions, and next steps.

New Ability to Delete Draft Forms
Applicants now have the ability to delete draft FCC Forms 466 and FCC Forms 467 to clean up their work queues. A new delete button will display in the "Action Available" column next to the "Edit" button. After selecting the delete button, a pop-up will display warning that the form will be permanently discarded.

Funding Year Closeout for Draft Forms
Draft FCC Forms 466 for a particular funding year will automatically be deleted after that funding year is closed. An FCC Form 466 that was submitted and subsequently recalled to draft status will be deleted 60 days after the end of the funding year if the applicant fails to resubmit it. In addition, the recall feature will be disabled 60 days after the end of the funding year.

August 2015

New Telecom Program Funding Commitments Search Tool for FY2012 and Later
A funding commitments search tool has been added to the Telecom Program's Search Toolsweb page that provides the estimated funding amount for all Telecom Program commitments for Funding Year (FY) 2012 and later.

New Link to Funding Commitment Letter on FCC Form 467
Applicants can now access the Funding Commitment Letter (FCL) directly from a link on Block 4 of the FCC Form 467, so that they can consult the FCL without navigating away from the page.

New Loading Progress Indicator
Links that require significant waiting time will now display a progress indicator while the next screen is loading.

Healthcare Support Schedule Installation Costs
Installation charges will now properly appear on the Healthcare Support Schedule (HSS) after the FCC Form 467 has been processed.

Archived Evergreen Contracts Bug Fixed
A bug that erroneously archived evergreen contracts that ended in the present funding year has been fixed.

Updates to PDF Version of FCC Form 466
The PDF version of the FCC Form 466 has been updated to match the most recent version of the form.